Sidmouth beach

Kayaking in Sidmouth

One of my favorite spots to go Kayaking in Devon is Sidmouth. Some people can be put off by the stoney
beach but as soon as you get in the water, you are met with sand underfoot and crystal clear waters
(most of the time!).

Sidmouth is a picturesque seaside town situated along the Jurassic Coast in East Devon. This beautiful
town offers an array of boutique shops, top restaurants and lovely hotels, surrounded by the rolling
hills of the Sid Valley and is one of Devon’s top holiday destinations.

Sidmouth beach

The beach itself is a mixture of sand, accessible at low tide, and shingle. It is, perhaps, not as appealing
as the sandy beaches of Exmouth, for example, but it is undeniably stunning with large, imposing, red
cliffs framing the bay on both sides.

Kayaking sunset

Whilst most people who kayak or paddleboard from here are required to, or choose to stay directly in
front of the main beach, I always head out right, towards Jacobs Ladder. As soon as you pass Jacobs
Ladder there is another stretch of beach, this beach will get quieter and quieter the further along it you
venture, you will also notice less people in the sea.

As you continue towards the cliffs, at the far side of the bay, you start to feel as though you are paddling
back through time. Once away from the busy beaches, the only sounds are that of lapping water against
your kayak, breaking waves in the distance on the shore, and the incredible sounds of the abundance of
birdlife who make their homes in the cliffs.

It is this tranquility that separates Sidmouth from other East Devon beaches, usually to get to this level
of isolation you would have to paddle a long way and would, typically, need to be more experienced but
Sidmouth offers you a safe place to experience this.

Hopefully this has provided you with a new paddle location, perhaps this is somewhere you had not
thought of visiting?

Always tell someone where and when you are going and always check weather, tide and sea conditions
before going out and never go out in stormy or rough weather.

Safe paddling,
The Hop on HIre Team

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