The Future is Electric. Why Electric Bikes are Becoming the New Normal.

Nearly every adult in the country knows how to ride a bike and an increasing number are learning how to ride electric bikes. Some people called it a fad but the evidence is staring us in the face, Electric Bikes are here to stay! I read somewhere that Electric Bikes in the US are currently outselling Electric and Hybrid cars combined, no mean feat in this increasingly eco minded world. Here in the UK sales of Electric Bikes are increasing at a phenomenal rate with no signs of slowing. 

So, what’s the appeal? As a lifelong cyclist, particularly mountain biking, I was slow to the table when it came to Electric Bikes. I was convinced it took the fun out of cycling, the satisfaction of making it up an impossible hill or the elation of completing a 25-mile off-road cycle. But I was wrong! I first tried an Electric Bike a few years back and for the first time my eyes were open, maybe it’s because I’m not the fresh faced, endless energy dare devil I used to be, but I think more importantly I immediately saw the possibilities. Our Electric Bikes have a range of 50 miles and with a spare battery this gives you a range of up to 100 miles. Now that’s a game changer! Suddenly I had the ability to cycle almost anywhere I wanted; with the knowledge I would still be able to function like a normal human being the next day, incredible!  

Cycling is experiencing unprecedented popularity, fueled both by the pandemic as well as people being far more health conscious. Electric Bikes have found their place in this world by opening the world of cycling up to nearly everyone, no matter your fitness levels. Suddenly you realise that you could cycle 5 miles to the beach, enjoy a day out without dreading the trip home.  I would like to make it clear though that these are still bikes and not motorbikes, so effort is still required, albeit less than that of a non-electric bike. 

Our Electric Bikes have 3 speeds depending on the level of assistance you want. By keeping the bike on level 1 you will have a very small assistance, on level 2, you will have a helping hand gently egging you on whilst on level 3 you will feel like an Olympic athlete powering up the impossible hill! 

There are still people out there who will never bow down to the Electric Bike and that’s fine, cycling needs to be fun for everyone. I still own my trusty non-electric bike and I will continue to use it to blow off the cobwebs. But when I take out an Electric Bike the dynamics of the day change, suddenly it becomes an outing that my wife joins me on, we can go places we were never able to go on peddle power alone and we can go at a pace that enables us to have meaningful conversations without gulping for air and fearing what’s around the next corner. 

Please don’t take my word on it, try one for yourself, become a believer. 

Always wear a helmet, tell someone where you are going and be courteous to other people, but above all keep smiling! 


Hop On Hire Team 

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